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The earth has a top and a bottom. Longitude is another story.

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Any line could have been called 0°. But Greenwich got first dibs on the prime meridian and as a result the world set clocks and ships by a British resort town that lies outside London. It was an arbitrary choice that became the basis for precision. It hit them. Take a two-week road trip driving to as many towns, parks, and counties as they could that contained their last name: Wolfpoint, Wolfville, Wolf Lake, etc. They read up and found things to do on the way to these Wolf spots: a hotel in a railroad car, an Alpine slide, a pretzel factory, etc.

The Wolfawitzes ended up seeing more than they planned.

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Lots of unexpected things popped up along the route. When they came back from the vacation, they felt really good. It turbo jam burning grasing program de elită easily the best vacation of their lives, and they wondered why. My father says it was because the Wolfawitzes stopped trying to accomplish anything.

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The relation that the name Wolfawitz has to Wolfpoint is about the same as Greenwich, England, has to Greenwich Village. InYellis moved to Manhattan, bought a plot of land, and gave it a familiar name.

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Copying your old neighbor is an unimaginative way to name a place. Above what is now the seaport and stock exchange were farms, meadows, swamps, woods, and a stream full of trout. It was actually called a lot of things, but Minetta is what stuck.

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The stream wound across downtown Manhattan from what became Gramercy through the future Washington Square Park and dumped out in the Hudson. Beginning in the s, some freed slaves of the Dutch settled along the Minetta and set up farms and homes. When yellow fever swept through the crowded tip of Manhattan, people escaped to the village of Greenwijck and the clean waters of the Minetta.

Most of this factual history comes from The Village, by John Strausbaugh. My father says Indians settled Manhattan thanks to antibodies that were found in the Minetta, and that the river is the true source of life where we know it. This was not mentioned by Strausbaugh.

No one calls it the river of life pierde greutatea wetsuit my dad. Well, I call it the river of life, but only in my head. I am pretty sure my brothers and sisters believe it as well.

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A city that paved over Minetta Brook in Some streets were shaped and named by it. The street called Minetta Lane became a subdistrict of the Village known as Little Africa and continued to be settled by freed slaves, now from American owners rather than Dutch. The district had a progressive school and churches, though it was full of poverty, murder, and diseases. Little Africa was also home to bars known as black-and-tans. Black-and-tans were one of the only spots in the city where white and black people mixed.

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They were debauched places, with drugs and gambling. Interracial coupling was on the PG side of the place, but they were a heaven for a certain type turbo jam burning grasing program de elită person. As the Village grew, its early acceptance of all people and proclivities continued. Blacks could screw whites, whites could screw blacks, men could screw men, musicians could play whatever noise they liked. Things the rest of the country found odd or disgraceful were welcomed with open arms in the Village.

He loved it. And was about to sign on the dotted line when he realized how much money it cost.

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Laverne was not happy. As my dad was leaving, he saw a sign in the building next door.

Lacramioara Opris a scris pe 7 Martieora As putea afirma, fara mari probleme, ca lucrarile lui B. Radu vorbesc de la sine, ele reprezinta CV-ul sau artistic, si nu niste note obtinute la scoala. Hai sa ne intrecem in ani de studii si sa nu auda nimeni de noi, iar lucrarile noastre sa fie niste non-valori!! Bine asa? Shadow communities secretary Hilary Benn said: "I was shocked.

But the place was a straight rental with no signing fee or rug tax. And that is how my dad moved to the Village. The one in my heart has a Dutch door and a tiled stoop, surrounded by the sound of roll-down gates with locks and pegs being thrown in a bucket.

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Charlie, Danny, and Zack, my three brothers, spin on stools and crawl on the floor. Two ceiling fans whirl above covered in dust clumps held together by grease. And Willoughby stands by the door. He looks cool, even with roast beef hanging from his mouth. And it is still a village. Everyone knows who we are. Customers bring our parents candy and toys from all over the world. The customers are matter-of-fact the best people in New York.