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Developed by EY Romania and Doingbusiness.

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Furthermore, for by analyzing a composite mix of unlisted, large companies, SMEs or insurance companies we have indicators based on the results microenterprisescorporate social considered the Gross Written reported by companies registered in responsibility and environmental Premiums GWPwhile for leasing Romania for EY Romania, initiatives developed in Romania as companies we have considered together with doingbusiness.

With this revised approach, assessment algorithm, which The financial indicators were Major Companies looks at the balances the most relevant business computed based on information performance of companies performance indicators, factoring in extracted from annual financial registered in Romania that have the particular conditions of todays statements as at 31 December The ranking A number of financial indicators year ended 31 December with methodology includes a scoring were selected, such as Total assets the Trade Register.

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Companies that system by which each company is turnover, Earnings before Interest, have not submitted their financial assessed, based on turnover, Taxes, Amortization and statements for were not financial and non-financial aspects, Depreciation EBITDA growth, included in this analysis. Each indicator has been assessed experience in serving leading The most important criteria taken based on a scoring grid from 1 to 5 companies and investors across into consideration by our allotted for specific value intervals, 1 various industry sectors.

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Our 20 methodology was the turnover being the value assigned for the years of experience on the local reported by companies. This was lowest performance and 5 being market allowed us to thoroughly further weighted alongside other assigned for the highest customize the research algorithm in financial and non-financial performance.

The indicators We have developed a separate of doing business in Romania. And thats than it was.

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Of course not, because a are complaining about the scarcity solutions, they managed to achieve crisis or recession seems highly of qualified workforce. And, as you flip through that carries a massive impact also more do have the same result in the pages of Major Companies in seems highly improbable. There are three objective Romaniayoull find that But was the year of highly reasons.

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The first one is that people CEOs expect the same growth in improbable events. Let us want better salaries, as they dont and that they have very strong remember the Brexit vote June feel an increase in their plexus fat burning combo of arguments for this forecast.

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The second one is the Last year, we concluded we expect Trump as the 45th President of the demand for the workforce in a to be a good year. Nevertheless, United States November, 8th context when private companies we warned that unfortunately, so both breaking news started as are crowding out on the labor force many times the political decisions highly improbable, both turned pool.

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And the third one is an even distorted the business climate, and into incredibly close contests and higher competition coming from this is the greatest danger forboth materialized events, despite the state sector, which offers more coming from the public finances; the initial odds. Statistics show billion.

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This is strange as, in the intentions after the elections and, that for the first 10 months in context of a favorable economic equally important, is what the newthe public expenses on period, any administration should administration is refraining from salaries increased by That plexus fat burning combo roughly one deficits and public debt. Not this actually fulfilled.

Last but not least, extra billion euros. The most recent time it reminds us so much of entrepreneurs are keen to see how official forecast November : with record European any new administration shows, for the end of the year, an growth, the public deficit is communicates, as they now ask for a average public sector salary before growing, while the public debt is clear vision of where the economy is taxes of EURwhile in the growing even more.

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So, if we are in going and what lies ahead in terms private sector we expect EUR Of course, black swan is or will be metode de slabit la fata in the going to amplify. But, with self-fulfilling elements months of towards salary again, at worldwide level, we are economic growth, financial and increases.

The second point is that living in the age when the highly political performance?

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Romania is in the last 2 months ofthe improbable happens. The benefits of exciting economies. But what are the 4.

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And what are the future risks reached, and nobody knows where intelligence, big data, mobility and that are favored now? For sure, it wont go proved by the CEOs actions and not we have an illusory and non- into public infrastructure this expectations are going to have inclusive economic growth that amount alone that is going to be broad economic effects, not just lowers the future economic growth spent in just 2 months would be sector specific.

This has to potential and to prove that the enough for km of highways.

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To have an answer, we have future economic potential. But this with growth still not used for to add that the public revenue is not enough since every ascending restructuring plexus fat burning combo the public sector.

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Companies will towards A Crucial Year, while of the year, well have an extra be less nervous if the new living the highly improbable turns public debt of roughly EUR 6 administration is able to signal its out to be the new normal.